Partnering With Today's Leaders for Tomorrow's Success

NexStep’s Mission is to partner with today’s leaders for tomorrow’s success.

NexStep accomplishes its mission in two ways.

  • Executive Coaching which focuses on the leader guiding them toward personal growth and effectiveness.
  • Ministry Coaching which focuses on the organization using a consulting approach to guide the organization growth and effectiveness.

Primary Areas of Expertise

  • Assessment of current health, organization and effectiveness
  • Strategic Ministry Planning including the preparation of specific Annual Plans
  • Leadership Community Development through training and structural reorganization
  • Coaching in Stewardship Development, the Conducting of Capital Campaigns and Ministry Expansion Fund Drives
  • Creation and Administration of Surveys and Questionnaires

 A Brief History

NexStep was formed in 2001, however nearly all of its Associates have been coaching leaders and consulting with churches, denominations and other non-profits for longer than that. Since its founding, NexStep’s Associates have had the privilege of working with more than 1,000 leaders and churches from more than two dozen denominational contexts.

NexStep Services

Discovery Services

What you don’t know can hurt you! NexStep provides a variety of on-line surveying services.

Organizational Development

All churches, even highly effective churches, have room for improvement. NexStep provides a cluster of services that help churches grow in health and ministry effectiveness.

Leadership Community Development

The “Leadership Community” consists of the Senior Pastor, Board and Staff. The best leaders are life-long learners who utilize resources that help them grow. NexStep’s experienced consultants and coaches are helpful resources who also know how to steer you to a wide range of resources in virtually all ministry areas.

Financial Services

Nearly every church can benefit from coaching in stewardship and revenue development. NexStep provides services designed to help your people grow in their understanding of biblical stewardship and generosity.